About Us

Mix Solid Surface™ (Mix™) was initially established in 2003. The management has more than 20 years of experience producing decorative materials. Our principle is to provide interior designers customizable resin decorative panels using irregular homogeneous patterns and colors. Mix™ decorative materials are widely used in casinos, hotels, and model homes for application on walls, ceilings, and furniture of all kinds.

















The major raw materials of Mix Solid Surface™ are imported from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. All the materials are non-toxic and non-hazardous to human health. It is this reason that our products are widely used for interior decorative purposes. As such, the “mother of pearl” powder that we use extensively in our work has met the European Union EN71 part iii standards. Mix™ is starting to expand overseas to areas including USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and more.







Mix™ produces unique patterns and colors with copyrighted techniques. Especially for the painting collection, we already applied for copyrights in USA and PRC. Mix™ is favored by designers all around the world, and we are honored to present our art to the industry.

All products on this website are exclusively designed and manufactured by MIX SOLID SURFACE including our distinctive patterns and colors. Our Copyrights and Trademark are solely owned and has been registered by MIX SOLID SURFACE. Therefore, strictly prohibited from copying, distributing and disseminating of any contents without written consent. For the free sample and further information. please contact us by email address sales@mixsolidsurface.com .


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