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Our Art Director Mr. Joe NG, together with our artisan teams, via diluting artistic concepts with unique resin hand-made skills, craft out splendid bespoke wall paintings used in various projects all over the world.

PAINTING PRC 22a. Beijing Residential Pr

Beijing Residence (China)

PAINTING PRC 15. Guset room.jpg

Resin Wall Painting (China)

PAINTING PRC 14. Guest room.jpg

Resin Wall Painting (China)

PAINTING 55a. 恒基电梯内油画#2.JPG

Resin Wall Painting (Hong Kong)

PAINTING 49. 广州南湖别墅  油画  #1.jpg

Resin Wall Painting, Guangzhou Nanwu (China) 广州南湖別墅

DOOR PAINTING 104. 深圳中粮紫御样板间  深圳派尚设计.jpg
Macro Polo Lift Lobby #1.jpg

Resin Wall Painting (China) 

深圳莆田新餐厅油画 Room Five design.jpg

Shenzhen Putien Restaurant (Wall Painting) 

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