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General Information


1.1. Trademark: Mix Solid Surface

1.2. Pre-fabricated resin sheet or panel.

1.3. Temperature limits: 5C° - 65C°. (Interior only)

1.4. Recommended Uses partition, atrium wall, backlit wall, feature wall, door,                decorative panel, tabletop, counter front, kitchen door, showcase, backdrop, drawer front and cabinet door.

1.5. Face Material: -


       95%: Resin

       5%: Color Mixture & Shell Extract

1.6. Face Thickness:1.2 – 2.8mm in different models.

1.7. Self-Extinguish: BS476-Part VII Class 1 & Class 2.

1.8. Size: 1150 x 2350mm (1150 x 2950mm upon request)

1.9. Weight: 1.5 - 3kg per square meter without backing.

       (weight of backings available upon request.)

1.10. Backing Material: MDF, FR-MDF, WR-MDF, Aluminum Honeycomb Board, etc.

1.11. Cold-hot cycle test: 5 times without visual effect.

1.12. Surface Hardness: 3-4H

1.13. Water Absorption: 0.2%

1.14. 2.8mm thick irregular pattern and colour produced by various moulding technology – panel colour and pattern are changed irregularly and gently like stone and wood. The surface will appear different shades, tones, pore and art glass finish / orange skin.

1.15. Curving: Use the industrial-grade heat gun, the minimum radius is 50mm (For more informa]on, please watch our installation videos)

1.16. Boiling Water Test: no visual change after 1 hour.

1.17. Colour mixed in resin complies with the soluble heavy metal requirement stated in European standard EN 71 Part 3:1994 + A1:2000/AC:2002.

(Note: EN71:1994 +A1:2000, BS EN71: 1995 and BS5665:1995 are identical.) 

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